Hey there! I'm a full-stack software engineer at Sandstorm, building innovative web applications and training developers to use Neos and other modern web technology. Before that, I did SAP ERP consulting for seven years. I started building websites as a freelancer before I joined Sandstorm in 2015.

Where I Work

I work at Sandstorm, where we build awesome web applications with Neos, Flow, React&Redux and other modern web technology. We also offer custom training for a variety of technologies, including Neos.

Things I Build & Support

Since I work on web projects full-time, I've started maintaining a few open source tools myself. Here are the things I build and/or support.

The Neos Project

An ambitious open-source content application platform that takes a new approach to frontend editing and encourages semantic content modelling in your domain language. Great for building content-driven applications. I'm part of the Neos Core Team since mid-2017.

Check it out on


A flexible package to manage user signup processes in the Neos Flow framework.
Find it on GitHub.


A simple package which leverages the power of Fluid to render emails and correctly inlines CSS for proper display across email clients.
Find it on GitHub.

Neos Video Tutorials

I've recently started to create a series of video tutorials aimed at Neos beginners. You can find them here: Neos Video Tutorials.


I'm proud to have published a few articles in magazines and on websites. More to come!

Talks & Meetups

I love to attend meetups and regularly give talks myself. I run the Neos Meetup Rhein/Main. All my talks are on my speakerdeck profile.

Recent & Upcoming